What is your gambling horoscope?

There are 12 signs, and every person is born under one of them. What does your sign have to say about your casino performances?

Aquarius are among the blessed ones this year because, right from the start, they will feel like the casinos were meant for them. They will have some of the best luck that they can imagine, without being phased by even the worst odds out there. For them, the most lucrative games will be games of deception and analytics, like poker and blackjack.

The days in which an Aquarius feels lucky are Tuesday and Saturday.

Pisces will not have much versatility to work with in terms of gambling games. Because of their very nature, filled with fantasy and imagination, their strength will actually be conservative gaming, like slots and spins.

The only day a Pisces will feel lucky is on a Monday.

Aries will have a more aggressive style of luck, however, it will only manifest itself towards one game in particular. In order to take full advantage of their luck, Aries players should orientate towards slot machines. Their stubbornness might just be the trick to force the one arm bandits into submission.

The days in which an Aries feels lucky are Monday, Friday, and Saturday.

Taurus will have a bit of an advantage this year, as their very personalities will play a major role in their success in the casino. They are conservative and solid, observant and astute, making them perfect for traditional card games and roulette. In order to succeed, however, the Taurus needs to pick a single game, dedicate its full attention to it, and eventually, the rewards will be reaped.

The days in which the Taurus feel particularly lucky are Wednesday and Thursday.

Gemini need to change their game plan if they wish to succeed in the casino. Their personalities can prove to be both an advantage and a hindrance, due to the fact that they are rash and impulsive as well as methodical and curious. The best game for a Gemini is craps, however, the Gemini needs to control itself and concentrate on the game properly.

The days in which a Gemini feels lucky are Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Cancer will struggle quite a bit in a casino, purely because Cancers hate having to deal with crowds and excessive noise. This naturally limits them to the more quiet games, poker in particular. Once the Cancer gets comfortable, all be it difficult, it will start winning in an elegant fashion.

The days in which a Cancer feels lucky are Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Leo players will always be assertive, hot-blooded, and generally restless. They will instinctively be looking for the highest rushes and greatest sensations that they can find, and the game that will give them that is Bingo. Simply put, the very prospect of standing up and roaring “Bingo” off the top of its lungs makes a Leo very happy.

The days in which a Leo feels lucky are Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

Virgo players are particularly dangerous in a casino because of their calm, calculated and analytical personalities. A Virgo enjoys a good challenge, and the only game that can seriously put a Virgo’s skills to the test is Blackjack. This is also where the analytical and calculated nature of the Virgo kick in, allowing the player to stop right before danger and avoiding any pitfalls.

The days in which a Virgo feels lucky are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Libra players will need to face off against the paradox of their sign because they hate big and noisy but love flashing colors and visuals. Libras will need a lot of willpower in the casino because the games that will suit them best are arcade games, however, once they start relaxing and getting into the game, they will feel like a fish in the ocean.

The days in which a Libra feels lucky are Saturday and Sunday.

Scorpios will need to heed their secretive and powerful personalities, which will guide them right to the poker tables. They will be incredibly hard to read, even harder to crack, and they will get the best of their opponents with a simple gaze. Even the dealer will feel a small chill down its spine.

The days in which a Scorpio feels lucky are Monday, Friday, and Sunday.

Sagittarius players, because of their need for excitement and mystery, will need to head over to the roulette tables as fast as they can. This is because the roulette is the place where they will feel the most comfortable and able to play to the full extent of their capabilities.

The days in which a Sagittarius feels lucky are Friday, Monday, and Tuesday.

Capricorns will feel even more stubborn and persistent than usual, with a strong desire to win and elevate themselves above the crowd. The game which will allow them to do just that is Baccarat, their discipline coming in handy every single hand they play.

The days in which a Capricorn feels lucky are Monday and Sunday.

Hopefully, now you understand the role that your sign will play when you decide to go to the casino, as well as the games that will be to your advantage.