How do we rate our online Casinos?

We are sure that there have been quite a few times when you have looked at the online ratings of several different sites and wondered if they are even accurate or honest. It is very common and natural and thus we decided to go ahead and just take you through the process, so you can see for yourself why we claim that we have well-researched and accurate reviews. The method is simple, so we will move through it step by step.


Before we start our assessment of any online casino, we make sure that we have all the information regarding it. What is the first thing that catches your eye when you open an online casino? The games and the preferences might be different from person to person but the one thing that is the same is the user interface and the features. So, the first thing we look for in an online casino is their features and whether they are simple and easy to use or if the cluttered and clustered segments and options just cause more confusion for the user.


With modern technology, we all use the best of gadgets, our screens are all high-resolution and if with all that, the graphics of the online casino are dull and synonymous with many of the others, that is just a disappointment. With only a few common companies handling almost all the online casino developing industry, we still do love originality and creativity.


Our next step is the most important one because even if the graphics are the best and the interface is easy to use if the casino isn’t secure, it doesn’t mean anything. Thus, the next thing we look for in an online casino is their choice of software, their security measures and their hard drive safety which in turn means that we need a software or a system that is not just easy to use but also highly secure and is able to manage all of our transactions without any glitches and errors.

Withdrawal Options and Transactions

Security is important but so is variety, options, and choice. So, what we look for in an online casino is their payment and transaction options and if they are optimum because we don’t only want credit/debit card transactions. We want the online casino to offer other methods like online payments and transfers as well. Which, simply put, means security but with variety.

Bonus and Payouts

These two are probably the ones you really wanted to know about and yes, without further ado, we do look for great no deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses and a wonderful welcome bonus! We also look at how long the casino takes in paying up the gamers. These two problems usually merge together as the bonuses could be delayed once they are won and not paid immediately. This is one of the factors that is really important to us and we give it the most stock when we prepare our rating because if a player has to meander and twist through the tiring and exhaustive hurdles to get their winnings or have to spend too much to actually start getting the bonus, they don’t rank very high on our list.

Your Opinion

Last, but not the least, we do not consider ourselves to be the ultimate opinion so before we publish out ratings, we make sure that we go through and follow a few of the professionally written reviews and comments before making out decision and since these ratings are for you.
After this extensive process, we make sure that the rating we get to you is accurate and honest while also being informative at the same time.

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