About Us

GamblingInformation.com was formed in 2017 by a team of betting, gambling and online casino experts and enthusiasts led by Ed Roberts. The aim of the site is to find and review the very best online casinos and to hunt down their top introductory offers. This allows players to bet with confidence, and to maximise their chances of big wins.

Ed is based in the UK and he’s now been a successful semi-professional gambler for over a decade. In that time he’s made a number of key connections within the industry to help him boost his earnings. He’s also played extensively at almost every online casino (and many “real life” casinos, too) and plays every new online casino that opens that he can find – currently around 3 new online casinos every month.

Ed quickly realised that most of the casino review sites available weren’t actually written by the most important people – the players! Many were just created by “bots” or just regurgitating press releases from the casinos themselves. Ed knew that what online gamblers really want to know is how good is the casino behind the introductory bonus? What’s the quality of their software like? Is customer support up to scratch? Is their mobile offering truly responsive? Are their casino games great to play?

Ed started GamblingInformation.com as a small, one-page site that he ran himself. It was soon obvious that the work involved in putting together a high quality casino reviews site was too much for just one person, and Ed quickly reached out to the contacts he’s made over his years of pro gambling.

The GamblingInformation.com philosophy is simple – to find the best online casinos for both new and experienced gamblers. We do this by extensive play-testing. All casino reviews published on GamblingInformation.com are the result of a minimum of one week of play-testing a casino. We always join as a new member using the casino’s main site address – never from a “trial account” provided by the casinos themselves. This way we can be sure that we get a “real player” experience.

Our team assesses all the key aspects of a casino. We look at the site layout – we’re not impressed by amazing graphics, we want to know that the site is quick to load, easy to navigate and a pleasant place to gamble. We check out the number and variety of casino games. Some casinos are slots heavy, some concentrate on table games, some give a great balance – and we let you know so that you can find your ideal casino.

A key aspect that many other so-called casino review sites overlooks is the level of customer support. If you have questions, if things go wrong, if you need help with cashiering, how quickly does a casino respond, and how many ways of getting in touch are there?

Finally, do the casinos offer a great introductory bonus? We look behind the headlines on these, and we’ll let you know if a “big number” bonus actually has onerous wagering requirements before you can cash out. We’ll prioritise those casinos that offer “fair” matched deposit bonuses over those that don’t. If we find a really excellent casino, we’ll approach them to see if they want to offer our readers an exclusive bonus – and we’re pleased to say that thanks to our high editorial standards they almost always say yes!
By bringing together a team of successful gamblers, quality writers, casino-industry veterans, and software experts, Ed quickly built the ultimate website for online casino players – GamblingInformation.com. The site is written by gamblers, for gamblers, and aims to bring you reviews of only the most recommended casinos offering the best introductory offers for new players.