Lucky Mega Fortune™ Jackpot Winner!

Don’t all of us go through times when everything seems to be at a standstill in our lives and nothing we do seems to be working out? Well, I have and so was our latest jackpot winner.
“I was not in a good place with everything that was going around in my life when a friend at work suggested I download the Casumo mobile app.”

We sometimes don’t know how you get through those difficult times but our 36-year-old jackpot winner sure did find the ideal way. It was a cold Saturday night, a usual one for our winner who was home instead of spending a happy weekend when tired of contemplating whether he should leave the job he hates or not, he decided to give the mobile app a go. After almost an hour of checking out the different games, he decided to start with Mega Fortune. Well, we do not have to tell you that it might just have been the best decision of his life because just after the fourth spin, he was told that he was entering into the bonus round. That was when he sat up.

“I couldn’t believe it and I obviously even found it preposterous that someone could get to that level.”
Aren’t we all a little wrong sometimes? So was our winner because that wasn’t even the end of his Mega Fortune journey. With disbelieving eyes, he saw the three arrows lead him to the Mega Jackpot of £ 2.065.627!. He told us that he was staring at his mobile screen for almost ten minutes after that. Wouldn’t we all? For our jackpot winner, the whole thing was nothing if not miraculous since there was no way he could ever have predicted such an amazing ending to a game he had started to play out of boredom.

When asked about what he was going to do with the jackpot he had won, our winner had the sweetest reply. He told us how he wanted to help a few of his friends out, ones that were down on their luck for quite some time now but apart from that, he was also really looking forward to quitting his day job, the very one he loathed and starting anew and taking time off to deliberate what he really wanted to do with his life.

“This is a much-needed respite. I can now do all the things I love and try out new ones to see if something sparks my passion and makes me want to pursue it.”
We wish him all the best and hope with all our heart that he finds everything he hopes to. Isn’t it strange how life can take such a different turn all of a sudden and we are left wondering about all the things and the little actions that made us end up at right that spot, in right that instant? While there may be several things that can change in just a spin, quite literally for our jackpot winner, it is the smallest actions and decisions that make all the difference.

For example, could our latest winner ever think that just a few spins could change his life in such a drastic and wonderful way? Tired and dejected one moment and a millionaire the very next? Whoa, life surely does work in strange ways sometimes more so for some people than others. It is exactly at those very moments when we shape our destiny and choose our path, just as our latest and currently blissful jackpot winner did.