Two popular online casino game providers

Slot machines are among the most popular casino games in the world, the one arm bandits actually providing casinos with a reliable and sizable chunk of profit. Not to mention the fact that they are fun through their simplicity and gameplay ideas.

The very same is true for online casinos as well, slot machine games are, and always have been, the most popular games that players have chosen to play. An important thing to note here is that online casinos actually provide a lot more opportunities and a lot more development options for slot machine games.

This is where Netend and Microgaming come in. Two massive giants of the casino game industry, their slot machine games are legendary, turning people into millionaires, providing exciting gameplay, and a plethora of new concepts and ideas.

Between the 2 of them, these companies have one of the largest selection of slot machine games in the world, with all the variations, all the flavors and all the combinations that you would ever want. Not to mention the fact that they both implement a very easy to understand and very engaging progressive jackpot system, giving the player a proper sense of progression that can pay off big time.

The first half of this duo is Netent. They are known for focusing most of their developmental effort on design and aesthetics. This makes their slot machine games some of the most beautiful and well-designed games out there. With great and smooth animations, playing at advanced frame rates, clear high definition elements, and assets, as well as proper 3D rendering, although these are slot machine games they have the capabilities to stand toe to toe with AAA video games when it comes to quality comparisons.

Not to mention the fact that the developers at Netent are constantly looking for ways in which to improve their existing code and technology so that they can design even more graphically pleasing games for the casino players.

The second half of this duo is Microgaming. They are known for focusing most of their developmental effort on gameplay, mechanics and user experience. These games are for people that enjoy the rush of dealing with different mechanics, while at the same time keeping track of different elements and values. Not to mention the fact that Microgaming is actually the developers that have made one of the most acclaimed and highly sought after slot games, Mega Moolah, a game that still holds the record for highest progressive jackpot ever won in a casino, totaling 17,879,645.12 euros.

The developers at Microgaming are constantly looking for ways to develop even more engaging game mechanics and raise the overall quality level of the user experience, making games more fun through their gameplay.

While these 2 brands are quite a different from one another, with clearly different design paths and choices, they actually complement each other. Chances are that, in online casinos, you will often times encounter games from both these developers in the same casino.

This is because, in essence, bot Netent and Microgaming slot machine games generally appeal to everybody, and one of them will always be able to provide something that satisfies even the most pretentious and demanding players.

Another thing to note here is the fact that these are not newcomers to this field. These slot machine game developers have actually been at the very top of the slot machine game market for 25 years and still counting. They more than understand the needs of the players and how to meet them.

Overall, Netent and Microgaming are some of the oldest and some of the most popular slot machine game developers out there. So much so that every single online casino has at least one slot machine game made by them.

The reason why you should choose Netent and Microgaming slot machine games is that you will undoubtedly find something that you will enjoy playing and you will be able to fully appreciate the time that you are spending with that game.