Thanks for reading this independent review of another quality video slot machine from NetEnt. I’m Ed Roberts, and I’m the casino reviewer here at, but I’m also a big fan of the latest generation of online slot games, and I’m always on the lookout for the best paying and most fun games to play.

NetEnt do themed games particularly well, and in my opinion their comedy games have some of the best humour, writing and production values out there. The crazy and beautiful EggOmatic is no exception. Who knew that the adventures of robot chickens could make for such a great video slot theme?!

About “EggOmatic” Slot Machine

Let’s not pretend there’s anything revolutionary in terms of gameplay here. EggOmatic is a nice, but standard, 5 reel slot with 20 paylines and the usual modern features like scatters and wild symbols. So far, so standard.

What sets this game apart from the rest is in its stunning 3D graphics – worthy of a video game in my opinion – and its fantastic humour.

Normally I’m one for skipping the intro sequence if a video slot presents me with one, but the EggOmatic introduction is brilliant – I watch it again every time I play. It’s worthy of a Hollywood kids animation.

The reel symbols are different perching robo-chickens. If you pause between spins you’ll see they even added litle movements and animations to the standard symbols while they wait – a lovely touch.

The game has some innovative features including spreading wilds that mean that the base play 1,000 coin jackpot is actually far from the total you can win on this great game.

Important Symbols

In EggOmatic you need to see the Robotic Rooster, as he’s the wildcard and can be very powerful. As well as standing in for any other base symbol as a standard wildcard, he can also provide some tasty instant wins when he appears in a column below any bonus eggs the EggOmatic machine has “laid” on its conveyor belt.

The other symbols to keep a look out for are the bonus eggs. These can contain free spins, coin wins, and more.

Payout Table and Win Potential

EggOmatic has a standard jackpot win of only 1,000, but this is really just a starting point. In combination with one of the bonus egg symbols this can go up to 2,500 in standard play.

However in the free-spin bonus game this has the potential to go huge. With different bonuses and multipliers the actual true top payout is a thumping great 94,750 coins. If you’re playing with the maximum coin size then that converts straight into £££.

As with all NetEnt games there’s a really comprehensive payout table accessible by using the “i” symbol on the left. As with the whole of this game there is lovely artwork and great humour even in this how to play section – brilliant.

Bonus Features

As you play you’ll see the EggOmatic machine producing special bonus eggs across the top of the play area. If a Robot Rooster lands under any of these, the egg will drop and be smashed open by him, rewarding you with either free spins, spreading wildcards, an instant coin win, or a surprise egg.

Spreading wildcards are powerful in this game. This means that everything around the wild also turns wild, and this gives you the highest payouts.

Free-spin eggs can reward you with anywhere from 7 up to an industry leading 50 free spins, and it can even be reactivated if you get further free spin eggs whilst in free-spin play.

Game Settings and How to Play

EggOmatic looks great, with lovely 3D graphics, and a super sense of humour – it is an extremely polished and top quality game. Despite that, it’s easy to play and understand, which makes it perfect for beginners as well as those who want a more relaxed gaming experience.

All you need to do is select the coin size you want to play with and the number of pay lines you want to cover and then hit the spin button. Then it’s sit back and watch the cool graphics do their thing and hopefully win big!

In common with many NetEnt games there are a couple of automation features. First there’s a “max bet” button. Hit this and you will automatically place the largest possible bet and spin the reels. The other is the “autoplay” function. You can choose how many spins to play, and then advanced settings including whether or not to stop on a win, or if free spins are granted, and so on.

There are plenty of other settings to tweak here including volume controls for background music, in play sound effects and overall level, graphics quality settings, and even a quick spin mode for people who just want to get straight to the outcome without waiting for animated robot chickens to do their thing.
EggOmatic is a brilliant game and I encourage all of you to at least play just for fun here on However that bi 90k+ win potential is only available if you play for real at one of our independently reviewed quality NetEnt casinos like LeoVegas or CasinoHeroes. By joining casinos like this with our exclusive links you’ll get some excellent welcome bonus money you can spend on a whole range of the coolest casino games and hopefully hit that jackpot. Good luck!